“Teevin Bros. has diversified to be recognized regionally as a leader in many business lines.”

In 1978, two brothers set out to follow the family tradition of working in the woods. Logging during the day and repairing equipment at night, the two gypo loggers quickly established a reputation for productivity, reliability, integrity, and innovation. From the beginning, Jeff and Shawn Teevin looked at operations through a lens of, “Can we do this better?” Challenging conventional wisdom, Teevin Bros. soon distinguished themselves through their innovation and diversity.

Following the loss of Jeff during a logging accident, Shawn redoubled his effort to look at the timber industry beyond just harvesting timber. Examining every aspect of the timber industry, Shawn found many niche markets that were underserved. Mastering disciplines such as road building, quarrying, post-harvest timberland management, environmental response, and other aspects of the industry; Teevin Bros. moved beyond just logging operations.

Applying lessons learned, Teevin Bros. has diversified to be recognized regionally as a leader in the many business lines described in the web site. Today, with operations in the Willamette Valley and along the lower Columbia River, Teevin Bros. employs more than 100 people.