Our quarries produce hard, multi-faceted basalt rock. The rock meets or exceeds federal and state standards for most highway and marine applications. We make rock for specific applications such as:

Armor rock (marine and upland applications)

Roadway gravel

Jaw-run or base rock

Columnar rock (geotech stabilizing)

Sized and chink-rock

Asphalt rock

Railroad ballast rock

Blending rock

Drain field rock

Roadway ‘sanding’

Railroad walkway rock


In commercial applications, our rock is the engineer’s choice for base and stabilization projects. When used for seismic stability in liquefaction zones, our rock ‘knits’ together reducing slippage and settling when used in geotechnical columns. In large developments, our base rock ‘locks in’ allowing contractors greater control in rock placement. Portland General Electric’s Port Westward power plant, Cascade Grain’s ethanol plant, Costco and Home Depot have all used our rock for their new construction. Annually we supply major quantities of rock for federal, state, county and city road projects.

Local contractors, developers and home owners have come to demand our rock products for new construction, road and driveway repair, sanitary septic systems, wine and cider cellars, and for decorating and landscaping. As in all applications, our rock is delivered clean and to the spot. The rock meets vigorous sieve tests to ensure what is required is what is delivered. When exposed to the environment, the rock weathers well, maintaining a fresh look that sets off decorative applications.

Aaron Breckinridge oversees quarry operations at the Bradley Quarry. He will quickly answer your questions, arrange sale and delivery of project rock, or provide quotes for large volume rock sales.