We maintain a corporate portfolio of reproduction and mature timberlands, along with property suitable for redevelopment. We are always looking for unique properties that fit our corporate goals.

We know the regional market and we have the means to turn marginal properties into high producers. Our strength is in seeing the property for what it can be with a bit of elbow grease and outside-the-box thinking. Affectionately called “Teevin-izing” by our employees, this attention to detail and investment in the property attracts new interest from outside investors.

Most often, our acquisition of timberlands is with a strategic eye towards where we see the market in ten or more years.

We also partner with timber owners looking to sell marketable timber. Our experienced operators provide the timber owner a clear-eyed look into the market and an honest assessment of the project. We share access to forestry professionals and to regional timber-buyers, both of which will ensure the owner the highest and best returns.

If you have property or timber in Oregon or Washington that you have contemplated logging or selling, Shawn Teevin would like to hear from you.