What We Do - Commercial QuarriesWhat were true two millennia ago is true today; quality rock makes all the difference when building a road, erecting a new building, developing property, stabilizing a bank, or decorating a home. When we found reliable sources of quality quarry rock, we acquired them. We offer hard, multifaceted, dark basalt; crushed in our quarries, to exceed Wash DOT, ODOT and Federal specifications.

Our quarries produce the rock to meet your specifications. Our rock sales range from one-hundred thousand ton deliveries for new development to single-truck deliveries of driveway rock.

Our diversified fleet of dump trucks, truck and pups, belly-dump trailers and side dumpers ensures our rock gets to the customer when and how they wish it delivered. By including trucking with rock sales, we can quote a firm, delivered price.

Bradley Quarry serves southwest Washington and northwest Oregon with nearly an unlimited supply of project specific rock, and with stock-piles of high-demand rock products. With Bradley Quarry’s unique location, rock deliveries can move intermodal – reaching markets by rail or by barge.

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