What We Do - Intermodal - MarineNestled on the Columbia River, below dams and outside major metropolitan areas, is our marine terminal. Close to the ocean and closer to the interstate, the terminal seamlessly connects highway and rail to the West Coast and the Pacific, and the Columbia and Snake River systems.

Designed to be an intermodal facility, the 80-acre parcel hosts a 200’ wharf, with upstream and downstream mooring dolphins. With over 800 feet of moorage and an alongside depth of 23’ at MLLW, the dock facility fits all barges and most small ships. With its closed-cell design, the dock can accommodate the heaviest cargos, making the terminal a great location to reload or discharge heavy lift items.

With our large open layout, we can quickly shift between containerized cargo, heavy equipment, break-bulk cargos, and other commodities. We have the space to allow your consolidation of project materials or special-move items. We are amenable to many operations; logs from Canada may be discharged one day and building materials for Hawaii loaded the next. Being a privately owned facility, the terminal offers you more flexibility than a public port.

We would be pleased to quote you terminal services, please contact Paul Langner with your questions.

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