What We Do - Intermodal - RailOffering two private rail spurs on the Portland & Western Railroad Astoria-Line (A-Line), we can quickly connect to the Columbia River system or the interstate highway system. We are served by the Portland & Western Railroad (PWRR), along a former BNSF heritage line. Working with a short-line railroad, we have the ability to interconnect with the class-one railroads, BNSF and UPRR, and other Oregon short-lines with minimum of fuss.

Being served by a shortline allows us to be switched regularly, to block or spot cars according to our customer needs and for your rail shipments to move directly to the class-one railroads through the Portland interchange. When shipping internal to Oregon, often times materials can move from one short-line to another short-line without the need to move out onto the mainline. This saves time, avoids congestion, and often can mean savings.

We are adept at helping our customers work with the railroads to get their material handled quickly, efficiently and with the lowest cost. We are on-line with railroad service centers and our people work daily with the railroads to keep things moving. Mills and reload facilities (view pdf link with Adobe Reader) on the short-line, along with inter connecting railroads such as the Central Oregon and Pacific (CORP), the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad (POTB), and the Albany & Eastern Railroad are easily reached from Rainier.

Please contact Cheryl Konop or Paul Langner with any rail questions.

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