What We Do - Timber OperationsNorthwest Oregon and southwest Washington is the center of one of the world’s most prolific ‘wood baskets.’ Blessed with abundant rain, a temperate climate, and soils that grow trees best – our home has been characterized for years as the place for loggers. From our beginnings, being close to the land is a hallmark Teevin Brothers is proud to bare. We live here, we raise our families here, we camp and fish and hunt here. We have a connection with the land and have been practicing good stewardship of these natural resources well before there was an environmental movement.

Teevin Brothers has a proud logging heritage that has evolved into our expertise in timberlands management. We build, maintain, and abolish forest roads. We also acquire timberlands and tracts of real property for corporate stewardship. And when offering timber harvest services, we integrate our trucking division to provide full-cycle service.

Our logging practices are under the auspices of the state’s departments of Forestry or Natural Resources. We are in consultation with forestry experts from before the harvest, during harvesting, and throughout probably the most important part of the cycle, replanting and reproduction. We have earned a reputation for exceeding regulatory requirements whether in road construction or reforestation.

Our timberland operations personnel are some of the region’s best, sharing a true passion for this country. They participate in continuing education programs, they work closely with county, state and federal regulatory agencies, they believe in environmental stewardship, and most important, they listen.

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